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Evidence Following a Commercial Truck Accident

If you or a family member has been injured by a tractor trailer, semi-truck, rig or other large commercial vehicle or truck as a result of driver negligence, evidence documenting the details of the accident can be critical in proving liability. In many cases, a truck accident claim requires more investigation than a standard motor vehicle collision case.

Truck Accident Law: OHMS Standards

Due to the inherent danger large commercial vehicles pose to other motorists on the road, highly specific federal and state regulations exist governing these trucks and their drivers. Both the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issue regulations that apply to all employers, employees, and commercial motor vehicles that transport property or passengers in interstate commerce.

Hepatitis C Treatment Harvoni Coverage

If you or someone you love has Hepatitis C, facing a potential denial of coverage for Harvoni treatment from your insurance provider is no simple feat. (Read more about Harvoni and Harvoni-related insurance denials.) But there are ways you can improve your chances of approval and actions you can take to appeal a denial once received. Review your insurance policy in detail.

Zofran Lawsuit

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) first received reports of birth defects associated with Zofran use by pregnant women as early as 1992. Over 200 reports suggest it caused conditions such as cleft lips/palates, congenital heart defects, kidney malformation and stillbirth. It is believed that the number of reported birth-defects associated with Zofran is just a fraction of all cases.

Florida Medical Malpractice Unconstitutional

Today, a Florida appellate court ruled that the caps on non-economic damages in Florida medical malpractice cases are unconstitutional. The case is North Broward Hospital District et al. v. Kalitan. Last year, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that caps in Florida medical malpractice cases were unconstitutional but limited its ruling to medical malpractice cases resulting in wrongful death. Given today’s opinion by the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal, there is no longer a cap on non-economic damages in any Florida medical malpractice case.