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Uber, Lyft Accident

South Florida highways and roads are congested, causing multiple automobile collisions to happen every day.  More and more people in South Florida are using ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber to avoid driving on our busy roads.  If one of these ride-sharing vehicles is in a car accident, legal claims stemming from that car accident can raise unique legal issues of fact and law.  Whether and to what extent a ride-sharing service like Lyft or Uber can be held responsible for the crash depends on many things and oftentimes requires experienced counsel to investigate.  An experienced personal injury attorney can ensure you are compensated for your injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. If your Lyft or Uber driver is involved in an accident while you are a passenger there are various nuances that apply with rideshare automobile accidents.

Viñas & DeLuca, PLLC, handles personal injury cases involving rideshare accidents and is familiar with the different issues involving these types of accidents.

Uber and Lyft rideshare crash in South Florida can cause physical injury and harm regardless of the severity of the impact.  You need to be certain that those responsible will be held accountable for the injuries you suffer. Some injuries and other consequences may not be seen or felt right away, so making sure you get proper medical care and treatment is important. It is also important to seek legal representation to avoid delays when pursuing your claim.

The State of Florida requires rideshare companies to insure their drivers for up to $50,000 for injury claims and $25,000 for property damage before they are matched with a traveler.  Once a driver is connected to the rideshare company via the phone app, there is up to $1,000,000 in coverage per accident.  This makes certain that anybody injured while a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle is covered.

Passengers, as well as drivers of rideshare vehicles who are involved in car accidents, should seek experienced legal representation when proceeding with a personal injury claim. Contacting an adjuster without a lawyer, especially after the crash, can be a serious mistake that negatively affects your ability to pursue a claim.

Locating the correct attorney to take an Uber or Lyft personal injury case is critical. Your attorney should be familiar with these rideshare programs and the laws that govern these companies.  Most big insurance companies know which attorneys will file a lawsuit if necessary and which merely seek a quick settlement. Hiring a seasoned trial attorney willing to litigate your case is likely your best means of obtaining full compensation.


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