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01. Report

We notify all insurance companies and potential defendants that we represent you. From there, we handle everything. You will not need to speak with anyone but your lawyers. All communications go through us – your advocates.


We help you get the medical care you need when you need it. Our lawyers and staff help you make appointments, obtain medical advice, and recover from your injuries, both physically and financially. We are at your side each step of the way.

03. Review

Our lawyers and medical experts review your medical records to determine the most effective way to present your injury claim. This may require forensic expert reports, professional medical illustrations, or 3D animations of your accident or injury. We spare no expense when it comes to effectively telling your story.


Drawing on decades of combined legal experience, our lawyers aggressively pursue top dollar settlements and verdicts for each of our clients. The vast majority of defendants in our cases choose not to go to trial against our law firm, setting the stage for our clients to receive satisfactory settlements and results.

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