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When Should I Visit the Doctor after a Car Accident?

person with broken arm taking pills

When Should I Visit the Doctor after a Car Accident?

Getting involved in a wreck can derail even the best-laid plans. While this worst-case scenario might feel like a new low, failing to visit the doctor in the aftermath of a collision could see you hit rock bottom.

person with broken arm taking pills

While you might have been able to walk away from the accident, it’s possible that you suffered a serious impact injury that isn’t showing any symptoms yet. Left unchecked, such conditions could worsen, leading to life-altering health complications.

In this article, we look at four reasons why you should never delay treatment after a wreck:

1. A Prompt Diagnosis Can Help Tie Your Injuries to the Wreck

Delaying a doctor’s visit after a wreck could make it much more difficult for you to connect your condition to the incident. For instance, if it took you weeks to get a diagnosis, the insurer might be able to argue that you suffered your injuries in a different accident as the date of your medical assessment doesn’t correspond with the day of your appointment. As such, you should schedule a visit immediately after leaving the scene to make sure there is no room for opposing parties to dispute the cause of your condition.

2. Immediate Medical Care Can Help Demonstrate the Severity of Your Injuries

If you delayed your diagnosis for days after the incident, the insurer may argue that your injuries can’t be as serious as you are claiming because you didn’t require urgent care. Alternatively, they may assert that you didn’t take your recovery seriously as you failed to follow the necessary steps to mitigate damages. In such situations, you might be held partially liable for your damages, resulting in a significant reduction to your financial award.

3. Your Doctor Will Create Medical Records Documenting Your Condition

To succeed in a personal injury claim, you will have to provide proof of the types of injuries you suffered. Fortunately, when you visit the doctor, he or she will usually compile detailed medical records on your condition, noting down the types of injuries you suffered, recommended treatments, and—in some cases—the limitations you might face because of your condition. Your medical records will usually play a crucial role throughout proceedings.

4. You Can Avoid Exacerbating Your Injuries

Your doctor will usually advise you of activities you should avoid while you are recovering from your injuries. For instance, he or she may order you to book time off work to let your injuries heal or abstain from physical activity so that your condition doesn’t worsen. Having a treatment plan—and following it closely—will help expedite your recovery and minimize the chances of further health complications.

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