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What Qualities Should I Look For in a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

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What Qualities Should I Look For in a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

Taking legal action against a negligent healthcare provider, hospital, or other medical facility can seem overwhelming.  Medical professionals and the institutions that employ them often have access to extensive financial resources and are protected by large insurance companies with ties to expensive legal teams.  Thankfully, you can level the playing field by hiring an established, competent medical malpractice attorney with the necessary resources and knowledge to fight back.  A seasoned medical malpractice trial lawyer will know how to properly investigate your case, preserve evidence where needed, enlisted qualified medical experts with specialized knowledge, and properly pursue your claim.

stethoscope hanging on the wall

That said, only a minority of personal injury attorneys practice medical malpractice law.  That is because these cases are very expensive to litigate, invariably require attorneys to devote significant time and resources to pursue, and are routinely and vigorously defended when brought to court.  Medical malpractice cases are also governed by a strict statutory scheme in Florida that creates various pitfalls for any attorneys not well-versed in Florida medical malpractice law.  To make sure your claim is in safe hands, you should look for these qualities before hiring a lawyer:

1. Relevant Experience

This cannot be overstated.  Personal injury law is an expansive field with many types of cases falling within its ambit. For instance, cases involving dog bites, slip and falls, product liability, and car accidents are all considered personal injury matters even though they vary greatly from medical malpractice cases.  Because different types of personal injury cases are governed by different laws, require different litigation strategies, and may require different levels of expertise, it is not advisable to simply choose any personal injury lawyer when considering a malpractice case.  Instead, you will want to find an attorney with experience handling claims like yours.

2. Compassion

Medical malpractice cases can last many years and require an attorney to devote a significant portion of his or her professional life. These cases do not lend themselves to a “volume practice” and should only be handled by skilled lawyers willing to devote the time, money, and labor necessary to properly pursue and win.  You should look for a medical malpractice lawyer with compassion for pursuing your type of case and one you can feel confident will work diligently toward a successful resolution no matter the legal, financial, or factual obstacles that arise.

3. Trial Experience AND RESULTS

We know most clients do not wish to go to trial and would prefer to resolve claims out of court.  However, the best way to achieve a fair settlement in any case, including medical malpractice cases, is to retain a seasoned trial attorney with a track record of results and who knows how to properly prepare your case for trial.  Defense lawyers and insurers know which lawyers will go to trial in the absence of a fair settlement offer and which lawyers will just settle.  When it comes to obtaining big settlements and fair compensation, a lawyers’ past results and reputation can make a huge difference.

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