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The Dangers of Slip & Fall Accidents.  More Common Than You Think.

The Dangers of Slip & Fall Accidents.  More Common Than You Think.

At one time or another, we all trip, slip, or fall.  While slip and fall lawsuits may carry with them certain connotations, the truth is that falling from a standing height is a leading cause of injury.  According to the World Health Organization, “Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide.”  While this statistic may be surprising, it speaks to why our justice system should do what it can to curb negligence which needlessly leads to individuals slipping, tripping, or falling.  With 37.3 million falls requiring medical attention each year, according to the WHO, these cases should be taken seriously.

A study in the National Library of Medicine reviewed 460 patients who sought medical attention for injuries related to falls from varying heights.  The study was designed to identify risk factors (such as age and terrain) which might contribute to injuries and deaths associated with falls. Of the 460 cases, 187 people sought medical attention for a fall from one meter or less. These falls from low heights resulted in four deaths (2.1%). Falls occurring at 1.1 meters – 4 meters resulted in 10 deaths out of 212 cases (more than double).

Attorneys at Viñas & DeLuca treat these cases with the time and attention they deserve.  Our law firm has recovered millions of dollars for those injured in slip, trip, and fall cases.  Check out our results for more details.

With more than three million people treated in emergency rooms each year for injuries related to falls, our law firm as seen its share of personal injury cases related to slip and fall accidents.  In 2021, we helped secure over $1.8 million for a client injured in a slip and fall accident.  Year after year, we continue to handle Florida slip and fall accidents. Should you or someone you love be the victim of a slip-and-fall accident in Florida, contact our team so we can get to work on your case.