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Before deciding whether to sue for medical malpractice in Florida, you should consult with an experienced Florida medical malpractice attorney, learn your rights under Florida law and what it means to file a medical malpractice case, and thoroughly weigh your options.  Our law firm handles medical malpractice cases in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach, and throughout Florida.  From an attorney’s perspective, Florida medical malpractice cases are highly complex, time-consuming, expensive, and risky.  That’s why very few Florida lawyers regularly practice this type of law.  To decide whether you should sue in Florida for medical malpractice, start by finding a competent, highly experienced medical malpractice lawyer to consult with.  There is no substitute for speaking with an experienced Florida medical malpractice lawyer.

Some things to consider when deciding whether to sue for medical malpractice in Florida include:

  1. The potential monetary recovery.
  2. The likelihood of success.
  3. Your willingness to participate in litigation.
  4. The factual or legal complexity of the case.
  5. Your ability to prove the facts of your case.
  6. How the jury may judge a patient’s conduct or condition.

While some answers may seem obvious, they rarely are.  It is always best to discuss these and other issues with an experienced Florida medical malpractice lawyer.  At Viñas & DeLuca, PLLC, all calls and consultations are free.  There is no downside to contacting one of our lawyers and discussing the pros and cons of moving forward with a medical malpractice case.  We are here to help.  24/7/365.

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