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Should I Hire an Attorney After a Car Wreck in Miami?

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Should I Hire an Attorney After a Car Wreck in Miami?

Although car wrecks are commonplace on Florida’s roads, the consequences of these crashes can vary greatly.  Some minor accidents do not cause any lasting harm, while others can result in serious injury or death. If you were involved in an accident, you may be facing a myriad of challenges. From having your vehicle repaired or replaced to grappling with medical complications stemming from your injuries.  It can feel overwhelming, especially when you factor in the prospect of filing a personal injury claim.

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Fortunately, a personal injury attorney can handle many of the issues that arise so you can focus on getting better. Not only can an attorney help investigate the accident and gather the necessary evidence to support your claim, a lawyer can also oversee negotiations with the insurance carrier and provide guidance at each step of the claims process.

Here are some other ways an attorney may be able to assist you after a car accident:

1. Estimating Fair Compensation

Before agreeing to a settlement offer from the insurance company, you will need to thoroughly evaluate your losses. While you may know that you can seek compensation for your medical bills, these costs are often just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to recoverable damages.

For instance, if you were unable to work because of your condition, you may be able to recover money for lost income and diminished earning capacity. If you had to make any modifications to your home or vehicle to accommodate physical limitations stemming from your accident, then these expenses could also be factored into the calculation of a fair settlement.

Other damages that might be available in your situation could include:

  • Transportation Costs.
  • Vehicle Repairs.
  • Non-Economic Damages (such as pain and suffering).
  • Punitive Damages (if you are able show that the other party acted with gross negligence or intentional misconduct).

2. Negotiating and Communicating with Opposing Parties

After reporting a wreck, it is likely the insurer will contact you to request a recorded statement, authorization for your medical records, and other documentation. Agreeing to provide any information before you have had a chance to  fully investigate your accident could be a mistake.  You may unintentionally say something that is factually inaccurate, neglect to mention some aspect of your damages, or say something that can later harm the viability of your case.

Ultimately, any statement or other information you provide to an insurance company can potentially become evidence to dispute your case. Thankfully, when you hire a car accident attorney to assist with your case, he or she can take charge of all correspondence with the insurance company and opposing parties so that you will not have to worry about inadvertently hurting your claim during a communication.

3. Providing Aggressive Representation

While you can represent yourself throughout the claims process, it is not advisable.  The claims process, and most all litigation, can be challenging to navigate on your own. A skilled personal injury lawyer should have an in-depth understanding of this process, arming them with the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decisions for your case at each step. They can also advise you of common mistakes you should avoid for the duration of proceedings.

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