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Planning to File a Bus Accident Claim? Don’t Fall for These 3 Common Errors

bus stopping for passengers in city

Planning to File a Bus Accident Claim? Don’t Fall for These 3 Common Errors

Bus accidents can be catastrophic, causing severe injuries and lasting emotional trauma for those involved. From whiplash to brain trauma to spinal cord injuries, the extent of physical harm stemming from these wrecks can be extensive. Additionally, many victims experience considerable pain, mental anguish, and other psychological scars that can have a detrimental effect on their quality of life.

bus stopping for passengers in city

Anyone considering a claim related to injuries suffered in a bus crash should not wait to retain an attorney.  Waiting to hire an attorney can be a mistake because important evidence may become unavailable, witnesses disappear, and those injured should have benefit of legal advice when making decisions in the aftermath of a crash.  In this article, we look at a few common errors accident victims make after a bus accident and how you can avoid them:

1. Not Seeking Medical Treatment Immediately

If you have not visited the doctor yet, you should do so as soon as possible. Failing to undergo a comprehensive medical assessment within a reasonable timeframe after a wreck may be both detrimental to your health and compromise your personal injury case.

You should see a healthcare provider even if you feel your injuries are minor or that they may resolve within days. Additionally, some conditions such as whiplash or back injuries may not become symptomatic for hours or days after the impact. Without professional evaluation and intervention, these types of injuries could worsen and lead to additional, preventable complications.  Furthermore, insurance, companies and defense attorneys evaluating your bus accident claim may use the fact that you did not see a medical professional to argue that you were not injured or that your injuries were minor.  They may also argue that your failure to see a doctor is evidence of your failure to mitigate damages (i.e., they may argue that your injuries would not be as severe if you saw a medical professional sooner.)

2. Failing to Gather Evidence

As the injured party filing a bus accident claim, you will have the burden of proof regarding liability and damages. You will need to establish that your damages are the direct result of the negligence on the part of another party.  To build a convincing case, you will need to collect as much proof as possible after the bus wreck. This could include taking photos of the accident scene, writing down eyewitness statements, and obtaining  surveillance camera recordings and relevant police reports. Some of this very important evidence may be gone within days leaving you only a small window of time to collect and preserve this evidence.

3. Posting about the Accident on Social Media

An unexpected wreck can leave you confused, overwhelmed, and in desperate need of support. As such, you may be tempted to reach out to family and friends on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

However, your conversations in the digital space could come back to haunt you as insurance companies now routinely monitor claimants’ social media feeds as part of their assessments. If you say anything untrue, downplay your injuries, or post pictures that contradict your version of events, the claims adjuster may use your online activity to challenge your credibility.

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