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Most Common Type Of Tire Failure Accidents In Miami

Tire failures occur for many reasons.  A sudden, unexpected tire failure, such as tread separation, can be deadly.  One reason a tire may fail is a manufacturing defect. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), each year an estimated 8,000 auto and truck accidents (or more) are caused by tire blowouts and other tire defects. It is very important to check your tire pressure on a regular basis and before traveling long distances.  Tire blowouts can easily cause car accidents and severe injuries to passengers. Injuries such as broken bones, concussions, and back injuries. A primary reason for tire blowouts is tread separation. The tread of the tire is the rubber that makes contact with the road and ground. When it separates from the tire it can cause vehicle instability, the inability to safely steer and things can quickly turn deadly.  Tread separation might happen because:

Over-or-under inflation: This is when tire pressure is elevated and may cause excessive heat which can lead to separation of the tire’s tread.

Improper flat repairs: This is when the tire was improperly plugged or patched.

Manufacturer defect:This is when manufacturers poorly design or manufacture tires, leading to defects. When it is a manufacturer defect, in most cases the owner of the tires does not know about it and continues to drive on it.

Detecting a potential tire tread issue will help prevent car accidents before they happen. In order to protect yourself and others on the road, these are some of the signs that your tire might be susceptible to a separated tire tread. Check for cracks in the tire sidewalls, uneven or thin tread wear, tire inflation, and tire age.

Millions of car and truck tires have been recalled in the United States due to defective design or errors.  Unfortunately, when they are recalled, multiple people might have already been injured because of tread separation from a car accident. When this happens due to a manufacturer’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. A manufacturers job is to make sure that the product is reasonably safe.  Tire makers sometimes overlook safety for profit by overlooking certain hazards. It is their duty to provide American motorists with tires that are reasonably safe and long-lasting.

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