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Top Injury Lawyers in Miami Florida  

Top Injury Lawyers in Miami Florida

Our Miami firm handles personal injury and wrongful death matters throughout Florida, with offices in Miami, Palm Beach, and Tampa. Contact us if you or someone you know has suffered an injury, death, or financial loss due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of others. Our firm handles personal injury claims related to medical malpractice, dangerous products, automobile defects, car and truck accidents, and all forms of personal injury matters resulting in significant injury or death.

As with all legal matters, it is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible to help assure your legal rights are protected. Under Florida law, actions for personal injury or wrongful death may only be brought within a certain timeframe. If you are considering filing a personal injury or wrongful death action, our lawyers in Miami, Palm Beach, and Tampa can help.

At our firm, our team firmly believes that your first and only concern should be your recovery – recouping from a serious injury is no easy feat, only to be made more difficult by having to deal with the anxiety of pursuing legal action. Our priority is to handle the legal aspects of your case, so you can focus on what’s most important: your recovery.



With over 35 years of combined legal experience, lawyers at Viñas & DeLuca know what it takes to win. We have successfully recovered millions and millions of dollars for our clients over the years, litigating cases and going to trial against some of America’s largest corporations. Our results speak for themselves and we are here to help. Let us help protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

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Our Philosophy 

Some clients want their day in Court. Others want their case resolved as soon as possible. Whatever your desire, you can be assured that our lawyers will work closely with you to help you obtain the resolution you want. We never take a “one size fits all” approach. We understand that each client and case are different, and each deserves a fresh look by an experienced personal injury attorney. We take our time to learn about you, your injury, your needs, and what you want from your case. Your case will never be passed off to inexperienced associate lawyers, paralegals, or assistants. We believe, when it comes to effectively presenting personal injury and wrongful death claims and securing top-dollar settlements and verdicts, one-on-one time with clients is essential. It is the only way to learn the details of each client’s unique story, zealously represent them, and achieve the justice each of our clients deserves.

Latest Personal Injury Cases

Millions And Millions Of Dollars
Won For Our Injured Clients

Product Liability
Result: $5,000,000 Settlement 

Sexual Abuse Negligence
Result: $4,800,000 Settlement 

Motorcycle Malfunction
Result: $2,400,000 Settlement 

Automobile Accident
Result: $2,300,000 Settlement 

Balcony/ Railing Collapsed
Result: $3,000,000 Settlement 

Award-Winning Personal Injury Attorneys

Types Of Personal Injury Cases We Handle In South Florida

Our lawyers handle only personal injury and wrongful death claims. It is all our law firm has ever done. While our practice areas include medical malpractice, vehicle, and boating accidents, slip and fall injuries, defective products, and many other types of negligence claims, we never stray from what we know. Our lawyers specialize in handling personal injury claims in Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa, and throughout Florida. We are proud of the results we achieve for our clients and invite you to contact us or explore our website to learn more. We are available 24/7/365.

What Our Clients Say

Gianina Acevedo

I highly recommend, Frank Viñas! He is sincere, efficient, keen, and gets the job DONE! He will keep you posted through the process and will find a solution in a timely matter. If I can give him 10 stars, I would. Grateful!

Daniel Rodriguez

Seriously the best lawyer in the U.S. Super aggressive and gets the money you deserve. Frank got me my money fast. Got emails at 2 a.m, he’s literally fighting day and night for us. All our worries left the door, once we talked to him. Don’t double guess your decision, he’s the one!

Patricia Gilliland

The Law firm of Vinas and DeLuca was recommended to us by a very close friend and they DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! Frank Vinas did an amazing job for my family. He kept us informed throughout the process and did exactly what he said he would do. I would recommend Frank to anyone in need of excellent legal services.

Steven Del Mazo

Very professional, determined, no-nonsense attorneys who represent their clients with excellence and pride. Their attention to detail is second to none and they strongly believe in justice and fairness. You can’t go wrong with this law office.

Claudia Pravia

I was very satisfied with the professionalism and guidance received during the entire process. I’ll definitely recommend Francisco to anyone that may need his services.

Ricardo Pons

Both Frank and Robert are true professionals. I was impressed with how they managed our case. I will recommend them fully and our family is very happy with the outcome. Thank you, Frank and Robert.

Mario Quinones

I am so overwhelmed with joy, Frank won our case. He was so aggressive, even I was scared of him. The other attorney was shaking with fear of Frank. God put Frank in my life for a reason, if you are reading this, this is your sign!

Jorge Mendez

Frank and his staff are extremely professional. They informed me throughout the process and kept me updated. Frank was always available to speak to me and answered all my questions.

Gabriela Galvan

Frank really cares about his clients. He understands that his clients are in need to get their legal issues resolved so they can continue to heal without the stress of the courts. He is a lawyer that answers his calls, returns call and answers your questions which in Miami is hard to find.

Free Case Review
With an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

If you are thinking of making a claim for personal injury or a wrongful death, you should hire a trial attorney. Even if your goal is to settle out of court, an experienced trial attorney can help. Our attorneys in Miami, Palm Beach, and Tampa know how to position claims to increase the likelihood of a favorable settlement.

     Our Process
    The 4 Steps We Take After You Retain Us

    01. Report

    We notify all insurance companies and potential defendants that we represent you. From there, we handle everything. You will not need to speak with anyone but your lawyers. All communications go through us – your advocates.

    02. RECOVER

    We help you get the medical care you need when you need it. Our lawyers and staff help you make appointments, obtain medical advice, and recover from your injuries, both physically and financially. We are at your side each step of the way.

    03. Review

    Our lawyers and medical experts review your medical records to determine the most effective way to present your injury claim. This may require forensic expert reports, professional medical illustrations, or 3D animations of your accident or injury. We spare no expense when it comes to effectively telling your story.

    04. ReSULTS

    Drawing on decades of combined legal experience, our lawyers aggressively pursue top dollar settlements and verdicts for each of our clients. The vast majority of defendants in our cases choose not to go to trial against our law firm, setting the stage for our clients to receive satisfactory settlements and results.

    Personal Injury FAQ’S

    You should report a claim as soon as possible because there are various legal requirements which dictate the timeframe when claims can be reported and filed. These deadlines depend on the type of claim you have, the place where you were hurt, and different state and federal laws. Contact Viñas & DeLuca for a free and confidential consultation and more information on getting started with your claim.

    You should contact a lawyer immediately. Our law firm never charges legal fees unless we are successful in winning your case. So, consultations are always free. You should contact a lawyer immediately because claims are subject to a statute of limitations, or the legal time period in which a claim can be filed. These deadlines vary greatly depending on the nature of your case and the place of injury. Our lawyers can help you in understanding these laws and pursuing a claim if you choose to. Also, you should contact a law firm immediately so they can assist with you in communicating with insurance companies and gathering and preserving critical evidence which you will need in your case.

    Our Firm does not charge an initial consultation fee. A fee is charged only when a case is successfully settled or litigated. If you have any questions at all, feel free to call our attorneys. We will be more than happy to speak with you, answers your questions, and help you determine whether pursuing a claim makes sense in your case.

    Initially, victims are not obligated to give a recorded statement or sign any forms regarding the accident in question. However, individuals are required to timely report an accident to their own insurance company. It is extremely important that victims speak to an attorney prior to providing any information to an insurance company as the information provided may ultimately be used in their case and can sometimes inadvertently work against the injured individual.

    You should visit a doctor immediately if you have been injured or if you feel any pain or discomfort. Do not wait for legal representation. Seek medical help immediately.

    The only way to determine if you have a valid claim is to seek legal advice from an attorney experienced in personal injury and wrongful death matters. However, before any lawyer can tell you whether you have a claim worth pursing, that lawyer must have an initial consultation with you in order to learn the facts and circumstances relative to your case. Only after obtaining this information and conducting a full investigation of your case can a lawyer help you determine the best method to pursue your claim.

    You should bring the following documents to the initial consultation: any medical records or bills that relate to your case, your drivers license, all health and automobile insurance cards/information, physician contact information, all accident report(s), witness information, and any information regarding contact from the insurance company and/or potential defendant.

    You may, though today most cases are settled out of court. A trial will only be necessary if your case cannot be resolved. However, if your case proceeds to trial you will likely need to appear in court. If this is a concern of yours, the best thing to do is speak with an attorney about your options for pursuing a claim.

    This depends on the complexity of your case. Some cases are resolved quickly while others go through extensive litigation. But in all cases, the lawyers at Viñas & DeLuca work to resolve cases in the most efficient manner they can. Our lawyer do not charge a fee until a client’s case is fully resolved.

    What Our Peers Say

    Florida Attorney

    I would trust Jarrett DeLuca to handle a personal case on my behalf or to handle a case for my clients. He is a proficient researcher, a technician of his area of law, and an effective communicator.

    Florida Attorney

    Jarrett is an outstanding attorney with supreme talent and dedication to his clients.

    Florida Attorney

    Jarrett is an attorney of the utmost professionalism; a true advocate for his clients.

    Florida Attorney

    Mr. DeLuca’s advocacy skills are second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a potential client or fellow attorney. Mr. DeLuca’s determination and attention to detail set him apart from the other highly qualified south Florida plaintiffs attorneys.

    Florida Attorney

    Mr. DeLuca has worked with me on many matters. He is an excellent trial lawyer. I have 30 years experience handling Medical Malpractice and Product Liability cases. Mr. DeLuca is an excellent lawyer now and will be even better as he continues in the practice. He is reliable and what i like most is his willingness to learn more and work hard. Excellent legal mind.