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How Much Is My Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

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How Much Is My Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

Injuries from slips, trips, and falls are far more common than you might think.  These accidents often leave victims with permanent,  life-altering injuries and substantial medical expenses. While mounting medical bills may feel like your biggest loss, past and future healthcare expenses may only amount to a small fraction of your claim.  Where injuries are caused by the negligence of others, Florida law permits those injured in slip, trip, and fall accidents to recover money for past and future pain, suffering, disability, inconveniences, and loss of the ability to earn money.

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Many clients want to know at the outset how much their claim is worth.  It is fair question but can be very difficult for attorneys to answer with any level of certainty.  Claim values often evolve as litigation reveals additional witnesses, medical information, and other facts which may be relevant to a jury considering disputed issues in your case.  Further, your injuries may get better or worse with time, require more care than anticipated, or ultimately impact your personal or professional life in unforeseen ways.

This article considers a few factors which might affect the value of your claim:

1. Medical Bills

Any significant injury will usually result in out-of-pocket medical expenses, even if you have comprehensive health coverage.  Expenses which are recoverable and therefore affect the value of your potential recovery can include:

  • Hospital Visits
  • Ambulance Services
  • Doctor Visits and Consultations
  • Lab and Other Diagnostic Tests
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription Medication
  • Physical Therapy Sessions

2. LoSt Income

If your injuries prevent you from temporarily or permanently returning to work, you may be able to pursue compensation for your lost wages and loss of future ability to earn money.  This will depend largely on the physical and mental requirements of your particular job and how those requirements may have been affected by your injuries.  In some cases, your attorney may need to consult with a vocational expert and/or economist to approximate compensation for these losses and determine your residual earning capacity, if any.

3. Replacement Services

A serious injury can prevent you from continuing to perform various activities of daily living, such as household chores, cooking, and driving.  If you have to hire someone to oversee or assist with these activities, the cost of this assistance can be included in your claim.  That said, you will have the burden of showing that the services you paid for were in fact necessary and that you were not capable of safely performing those services yourself due to your injuries.

4. Pain and Suffering

Some injuries, such as brain trauma, can lead to weeks of excruciating agony and rob you of the ability to lead a normal life. Others can make it impossible  to participate in hobbies, perform physical activities, or engage in social activities. Some accidents may cause severe emotional distress and impair your ability to enjoy life.  The law recognizes the value of these losses and permits a jury to allocate money for these damages (typically referred to as non-economic damages).

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