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Don’t Make These Common Errors after a Car Accident

car driving fast in the city

Don’t Make These Common Errors after a Car Accident

It is natural to feel overwhelmed in the aftermath of a crash.  All at once, you may have excruciating pain, need to find competent medical care, and figure out how to pay your medical bills and lost wages.  Life in the wake of a wreck can be exhausting, to say the least.  Although you may simply be giving yourself time to heal or innocently looking for advice or sharing your experience online, what you say and do after a crash can hurt your chances of winning your case.  Insurance companies are experts at challenging claims and know where to look for evidence to diminish your claim.  Here are some errors to avoid:

car driving fast in the city

1. Posting about the Accident on Social Media

Before jumping onto social media to share the details of your traumatic accident, step back and consider the potential ramifications if a claims adjuster or jury were to see your posts.  If there is a chance your posts could be misrepresented or taken out of context, it is best not to post it.  Even pictures you share online can damage your case if obtained by an insurance company.  For instance, if you are claiming that your condition has impacted your ability to lead a normal life, but the photos you upload after the crash show you attending social events and engaging in physical activity, the insurance company may use these pictures to dispute what you are saying.

2. Delaying Your Diagnosis

After a wreck, it is not uncommon for people to wait, “and see how they feel in a week or two” before going to the doctor.  While that may be a reasonable thing to do, an insurance company will likely use that fact to show that you were not badly hurt after the crash.  If you were, an adjuster may argue, then you would have gone to the ER or urgent care.  Or worse, the insurance company may argue that the injuries you are seeking treatment for have nothing to do with the accident.  If you are hurt after an accident, you should seek prompt medical treatment and advice.  This is best for your health and your claim.

3. Providing a Recorded Statement

You are not always required to provide a recorded statement after a crash simply because an insurance company or adjuster asks you for one.  A competent personal injury lawyer can help guide you as to your rights and responsibilities after a crash so that your post-accident statements do not damage your case later.   Even if you must – or agree to – provide a recorded statement, you may want to consider the timing of the statement. That is, you may want to wait until you or your attorney has had an opportunity to investigate your claim, consider relevant photographs, documents, and video, and speak to witnesses.    If you provide inaccurate information, even if by accident, insurance companies may use your recorded statement to challenge your credibility, recollection, or claim.  When offering a recorded statement, or any testimony in a case, it is imperative that you do your best to be accurate, honest, and clear about what you can and cannot recall.

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