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Miami Negligent Security Lawyer

Bars, nightclubs, gas stations, hotels, apartment complexes, strip malls, and other businesses which hold themselves open to the public have a legal duty to act reasonably in providing adequate security for the safety those who patronize their establishments. The responsibility of business owners to provide adequate security includes providing security both indoors, as well as at points of egress and in parking areas.

Business owners often know more than their customers about potential dangers at and around their property. Or, at least they should. That is why they have a duty under the law to provide reasonable security for the protection of those who visit their establishments. Doing so may mean hiring an adequate number of security personnel, properly training security officers, implementing safety rules and procedures, installing a reasonable number of functioning surveillance cameras, providing adequate lighting and locks, maintaining security gates, and taking other reasonable measures to deter criminals and assailants from hurting, robbing or otherwise injuring members of the public. Failing to do so can lead to injury, assault, rape, theft, battery, and death.

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